Working Out & Eating Better for Summer

Lately, I have been on a health kick with trying out new workouts like Insanity and other quick workouts that I have found on Pinterest. I’ve also been trying to eat healthier options that, of course, were also found on Pinterest. With all these workouts, I wanted that extra boost to help stay on my health kick which is where SLIMQUICK came in.


SLIMQUICK® Pure Protein Vanilla is the only protein supplement designed specifically to help women lose 3 times the weight. The protein is made with make with a BioPure Green TeaTM  which is a natural extract and only contains natural ingredients, including whey protein, antioxidants, calcium and natural flavours. Although, I’m not trying to necessarily lose weight, I am looking to tone up areas of my body, so when I was approached to test out SLIMQUICK®, it was hard to say no.

I tried using the powder with the instructions on the bottle which says to combine a scoop with 4 oz of water but found this to be a little too sweet for my liking. Instead, I added the protein powder in with my daily smoothies which consist of almond milk, a banana, and some fruit of choice. I found this to be a lot easier to drink and worked as my breakfast. Personally, adding in some frozen mango is delicious!

My overall review is that the SLIMQUICK® Pure Protein Vanilla is amazing in a smoothie and can help to keep on you on the ‘health train’ when trying to get that desired beach bod. But, remember everyone’s body is different and there is NO perfect body so be sure to love yourself for who you are and to use dieting products appropriately.