How To :: Hang Photos Without Damaging Your Walls

Some of you might know but I recently purchased my first home (yay!) so I’ve been much more careful when posting and hanging art on the walls compared to when I was living in an apartment building.

I’ve tried that whole velcro thing and those clips that you pull off the walls after but sometimes they just don’t work. I found that my heavier art pieces don’t stay so I am forced to put whole and nails in the walls. A good example is my signed record from Justin Timberlake, if that thing fell off the wall I would literally cry so relying on velcro to hold that up is a HUGE no-no!

I recently found out about a company called AS Hanging Systems and they make display systems so you can hang pictures without putting holes in your wall. How amazing is that?


They have a few different systems, including the Classic Gallery System which is their most rugged and heavy-duty system. The system is based on rods, it is ideal where strength, anti-theft and extreme convenience are the driving influence. A selection of rods in several lengths and multiple colors helps you adapt the Classic System to standard or high ceilings and to match or compliment most any décor. This is our take on the ‘French Rods’ approach. Their gallery rods suspend from an open-faced, heavy-duty wall or ceiling track.

These systems could work for your office or home! Just think of the time you’ll save not fixing hole marks when you are going to sell your home!

Check out their other systems here.

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