• Good video review. I could see how with the right hair these products could be helpful.

  • Great video review – thanks for putting that together!

  • Awesome video review!

  • Thanks for the review

  • Thanks for the review. I have one of these also but I cannot get it to work in my hair.

  • That’s not actually the way you use it to curl your hair. It curls better when you wrap the hair around the barrel and then clamp shut and it curls that way. the videos show you more info. just an fyi for ya! 🙂

  • Lee Pearson

    I’ve often wondered about this product. I was tempted to purchase it based on the infomercials. My hair is fine like yours and based on your video…I’m so glad I saved the money.Like you, I curl my hair with my straightener and it is quick, easy and holds. Thanks so much for your review. It was very helpful to me.