Leopard and Army Green




I have been seeing so many images online, especially on Pinterest of leopard print being paired with an army green and I had never really thought before to pair these together but I like it. I’m just not the biggest fan of these jeans. I picked them up during a $10 sale and you know that feeling when you think the item fits perfect in the change room and then you bring the item home and actually wear it around and it stretches out in the most awkward spots? Well, this is what these do. This could be the reason why I have never tried pairing them together because these pants stay at the back of my closet. I am on the hunt for a new pair that actually fit well.

Dynamite Leopard Blazer (option) (option – on sale) | Old Navy Cargo Green Pants ($20 option $20) ($110 option) | H&M Black Tank | Old Black Boots | The Hudson’s Bay Company Necklace

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  • Love that necklace!

  • I love that color combination!

  • I like the mix of print/color combo.

  • love the necklace!

  • mommeetsmarriage

    Adorable outfit! I’m so jealous of your wardrobe, haha!

  • Cute outfit! I love your walls too!

  • I love your necklace. It is so cute.

  • Such a cute blog you have. Love the outfit!

  • Great combo! I really love the blazer!