Crabbie’s Ginger Beer Cocktail Recipes + A GIVEAWAY

I’ve been a fan of Crabbie’s Ginger Beer since I first went to an event for it the past summer. It’s a refreshing twist on a normal beer and adds that sweetness that sometimes you crave. The beer comes in 3 flavours which are regular, raspberry and orange. In addition to drinking them straight, there are endless possibilities for cocktail recipes and with New Years just around the corner I thought I would provide you with some of my favourite cocktail recipes using Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

First one is one from Crabbie’s themselves called Moscow Mule. To make this cocktail combine 2oz of your favourite vodka, half a lime and 4-6oz of Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer into a rock glass. Top with ice and serve.


The second drink is one that I decided to make up myself as I was limited with what I had in my fridge/freezer but that never stops the creative juices from flowing. Let’s call this drink Nelle’s Cocktail. In a tall glass (Crabbie’s glass preferred add a few frozen berries and lemon juice. Muddle those together. Next add 2oz of your favourite white rum and top the glass with Crabbie’s Alcoholic Raspberry Ginger Beer.


Be sure to visit the Crabbie’s website as they have a TON more recipes available like a Crabbie’s Mojito and Crabbie’s Orange Punch for a larger group of people. Now for the fun part! Enter below for your chance to win a Crabbie’s Prize Pack so you can create your very own Crabbie cocktails!

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