Makeup Mondays :: Nivea Day & Night Sensitive Skin Care Routine

The nasty weather is coming so you better be taking care of your skin! The Winter weather can cause extreme dryness and added redness on your face so although it is important it moisturize your skin every day and night it’s even more important to ensure you are keeping up your routine during the next few months.

 Nivea’s Sensitive Day and Night Care provides your skin with the needed moisture it needs to stop any cracking or redness from appearing. The cream blends well and has no strong fragrance, which makes it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. What I personally liked the best is that the creams reduced any tightness I had around my nose and cheek area almost instantly. Both the Nivea Sensitive Day and Night Cream are enriched with Liquorice Extract and precious Grape Seed oil which helps to reduce redness due to dry skin, skin tightness and dryness.

Both the day and night care come in a 50ml tube at $8.99 each.

Try adding these products to your routine as well.

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52% of Canadians claim to have sensitive skin11. Sensitive skin, which is exceptionally irritable skin, overreacts to a range of typical everyday situations and external influences. While there are a variety of conditions that sensitive skin responds to, the most common effect they have on sensitive skin are: redness due to dry skin, tightness and dryness. The new NIVEA Sensitive line offers intensive, highly tolerable care that effectively reduces these three signs of sensitive skin.