LOFT has quickly become one of my favourite stores to shop at and I’m so happy that once I move I’ll be even closer to one of their locations. LOFT’s Fall Winter 2014 line has everything from accessories (hats, ear cuffs, scarves) to multiple different styles of boots. Each piece in the new line seems to have a unique feature that makes it different from the others and has that holiday touch to them. Skirts have a sparkle that is perfect for any Christmas party, sweaters with fun patterns of reindeers, snowflakes or gems and cute affordable dresses that are suitable for the Holidays but could also be worn again throughout the year. Take a look at some of my favourites below and let me know your favourites in the comments and be sure to enter the giveaway to win a $100 LOFT gift card!

Dresses & Skirts

[row ] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#22
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#03
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#02
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#20



[row ] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#06
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#10
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#11
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#15



[row ] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#37
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#42
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#43
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#40



[row ] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#45
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#46
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#48
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#51



[row ] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#54
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#55
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#59
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#63



[row ] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#74A
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#77
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#81
[/col] [col span=”1/4″ ] LO140819#85


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