Still Looking Cute in Sleepwear with Paper Label

I was introduced to Paper Label Sleep from an email that was sent to me a while back. As soon as I saw the images and how cute the clothes were I fell in love. Finding cute pajamas or lounge clothes can be hard to find at an affordable price. I got to try out 2 pieces from the Summer 2014 line, a pair of shorts and a tank. My favourite part of these is the little details like the trim around the shorts and the mesh at the top of the tank. The shorts fit me perfect; they are on the shorter side, so if you don’t like that style as much opt for the pants instead. Take a look at some of the Paper Label Summer 2014 Collection below and I would love to hear your thoughts on the line in the comments below! The collection comes in two colours the Paper Label Sleep Black and Paper Label Sleep Florals.

The Paper Label collections are available at The Hudson’s Bay Company.

Information from Paper Label Sleep Website:

Paper Label originated as a need for modern, beautiful sleepwear in a luxurious breathable fabric. Designed and developed in Vancouver, Paper Label is created for fashion-minded women who want comfort without compromising their style.

Our sumptuous fabrics and styling are what set us apart from other sleepwear lines. We are at once comfortable and luxurious to wear.

Paper Label is a fresh take on sleepwear that is re-defining loungewear. So whether you sleep with us or simply take us out of the bedroom, we hope you enjoy!